Throwback Thursday: Judy’s KFTH Olympics Sweater

Judy is super excited for this year’s KFTH Olympics – because her project is pulled straight from Dale Garn’s pattern book Det Norske Olympiske Team 2014! This retro ski sweater was created by Dale Garn for the 2014 Olympic games – and Judy will be working her Olympic muscles on the baby pullover. Dale Garn has been designing sweaters for the Olympics since 1956 — Judy followed suit quickly in 1959 with her first knitting project and we can’t wait to see her baby sweater at this year’s Olympic events! Find out more about Judy HERE on our staff page — and check out the KFTH Olympics blog post HERE for more information and get involved February 7th through February 23rd! If you are interested in a Knit-a-long on the adult version — contact the shop today!


Can you hear the processional music? WE CAN! The staff here at Knit’n from the Heart has their needles and projects ready to rock and we can’t wait for February 7th! Our list of customer participants is growing….. are you in? Click HERE for more information on the 2014 KFTH Olympics and start your finger stretches today!

olympics knitn from the heart

Check out Heidi’s project – The Kathleen Cardigan HERE on Ravelry! Here’s what Heidi has to say about her project:

My Olympic plan is coming from checking all the bookmarks I have in my knitting cue. Certainly the competitive nature of the Olympics should provide the incentive to get me going. I have chosen “Kathleen” hooded sweater from one of my favorite books. Seamless or Nearly Seamless Knits. Hopefully there will be very little finishing to be done as I cross the finish line. I will be using some Sierra yarn for this spring sweater. Enough alpaca! Hoping spring is on the way even though it is the Winter Olympics. Who is joining me to the medal circle?

Kathleen Cardigan

The 2014 Olympics arrive at Knit’n from the Heart!

olympics knitn from the heartThe Olympics are arriving at Knit’n from the Heart – FEBRUARY 7th through FEBRUARY 23rd!

We are busy “training” for the big event here in the shop — Finger push ups!   Hand winding yarn!   THUMB WRESTLING!

Do you have what it takes??

Interested participants are to consider the following criteria and start your finger stretches today:

1.  All yarn for registered projects must be purchased from Knit’n from the Heart – you will receive a 10% discount on one project for the Olympics.

2. Registered projects must be a minimum of 400 yards — projects are your choice and all levels are permissible.

3. Yarn used for registered projects must be purchased between Feb. 1st and Feb. 7th and projects are NOT TO BE STARTED UNTIL FEB. 7th – on your honor! 

4. Closing ceremonies will be held at Knit’n from the Heart on Feb. 23rd — all projects to be turned in by this date! Snacks and treats will be served!

5. Each participant will be rewarded a discount card and surprise gift for turned in projects — Knit’n from the Heart will require all works to be displayed in the shop for a 10 day period. Everyone who finishes is a WINNER!

Julie and Sara both have their needles ready to rock on February 7th! Julie will be knitting this sweater designed by Tanis Gray – click HERE to find this free pattern from Imperial Yarn on Ravelry!

Winter Games Pullover

And here is Sara’s project for the 2014 Olympics at Knit’n from the Heart! You can find this pattern by Kraftling  HERE – on Ravelry as well!

Kraken cowl

Are you ready?   We can hear the processional music now!   Can YOU?   Stop by the shop and register today!