Judy’s Basket & Garter Stitch Cardigan

Basket & Garter Stitch Cardigan

OK, call me fickle…I just finished my favorite sweater! I say that because lately every sweater I knit is my favorite.  I first saw this sweater in one of the Summer knitting magazines.  It’s a free download from Cascade,  pattern W147, Basket & Garter Stitch Cardigan.  I used the Sierra yarn that the sweater was designed for…and it is so comfortable.

I usually find garter stitch somewhat boring. However, in knitting this project, it was really nice to do as I was able to knit it with my eyes closed behind ice packs.  (I had a little corrective lid surgery & had to ice for a couple of days.)   Because this pattern is done seamless doing the fronts & back with no shaping, I was able to just keep knitting without even checking my work.

If you are thinking of making this sweater, I would suggest you consider making some adjustments to the pattern.  It does not have individual size lengths for the body or sleeves.  I shortened both for myself by about 2 inches to adjust for my being 5 feet tall.  So, study the pattern measurements closely before getting started & while you’re knitting.  The sweater has a slight drop shoulder, so while knitting the sleeve, keep in mind that it will be somewhat shorter than a normal set in sleeve.

I just want to add a side note about having another successful class on the BC Ruffle Wrap on Sunday, May 15th.  These ladies had such a good time learning the short row technique & seeing their wraps develop!  I’m anxious to have them stop by the shop and show off their creations.


Suzanne: A Jared Flood Groupie

Umaro Afghan in Lana Grande

I admit it… I am a groupie.  The object of my knitting obsession is Jared Flood (aka Brooklyn Tweed). I found his blog, http://brooklyntweed.net/blog/ a couple of years ago and was hooked in no time!

So I shouldn’t have been surprised when I stumbled upon Umaro, http://brooklyntweed.net/blog/?p=471 and knew that I had to knit it.  An afghan was the perfect thing to knit after the unusually cold, snowy November we had.  The thick yarn and big needles would make this project go quickly, while keeping me warm in the process.

The thirteen balls of Lana Grande by Cascade looked pretty ominous in the bag when I brought them home, but once I cast-on right after Christmas, the knitting went pretty quickly.  Lana Grande is wonderfully soft and warm, but it is that hint of a different hue in one of the plys of yarn that really makes it beautiful!  The pattern calls for size 15 needles, but after about 6 inches, I started over with size 13s and was much happier with how it looked.

Blocking the Umaro Afghan

After juggling some other projects and knitting for classes, the afghan was finished at the end of February.  Wow, it looks great!  Blocking was a necessity and a bit of a challenge, but it turns out the ping pong table has multiple functions!

I am not sure why my version isn’t quite as delicate looking as Jared Flood’s, but since I used the same yarn, maybe it’s the color or my lack of photography skills.  And it hasn’t seemed to bother my son, Andrew, who grabs for it the minute he hits the couch.

The shop is now carrying several of Jared Flood’s patterns.  They are so well written and charted; I have never had a problem deciphering them, even on the most complicated of stitches.  The next time you are in, check them out.  I think I feel a Jared Flood KAL brewing!


My son enjoying the Afghan