Eileen’s Hat Design

Cheryl, Mittens & Eileen's Hat

I knitted the mittens during the first Fiddlehead Mitten class that Pam taught. I chose these particular colors because I thought they would end up being a present for my daughter, Cheryl, for her birthday.  I decided I needed something else to go with the mittens. At first I was thinking about a scarf, but thought it would take too long.  So I found a simple hat pattern and incorporated part of the Fiddlehead pattern into the hat. This was the first time I fit a design into a pattern. Pretty good, don’t you think?

Needless to say, Cheryl just loved the mittens and hat.  Now…on to something else for Christmas!

Keep on knitting,


Knit’n from the Heart: Yes Eileen…it’s pretty good! 🙂