Literary Stitches

Violet Bauderlaire

The eldest sister, Violet Baudelaire, from “A Series of Unfortunate Events”

My youngest daughter recently finished a book series.  The End. . .


Yeah right!  A deep mourning I never expected has occurred in our household — and it is strongly rooted in the fact that my daughter has felt a deep loss of connection with the characters she knows so intimately through her 13 book journey reading  A Series of Unfortunate Events. Our dinner time chats still contain great depths of discussion concerning the Baudelaire siblings, be-ribboned hairstyles inspired by Violet Baudelaire, and deep sighs as she searches for a replacement — it just hasn’t happened yet.

For those of us that love books and the characters within, it is a part of the journey to join with the characters we fall in love with. So how do we stay connected when there is no letter or phone call that can amend our loss??

I love the customers that come into the shop with similar deep sighs and longings. Hand knits they love to share and wear, and the search that connects them with the great characters of literature — a thread that connects them into other worlds and eras that hold the rich stories they love so much.

It is by no mistake that lovers of literature are authors of fiber arts books and patterns as well! We couldn’t help but collect some of our shop favorites to share with you . . .

WARNING: Deep sighs, pattern oog-ling, resurgence reading, and a trip to Knit’n from the Heart to glean goods for pattern production may result in the further reading of this post.

“Jane Austen Knits” by Interweave Knits

“You pierce my soul. I am half agony, half hope.  Tell me not that I am too late, that such precious . . . lace . . . is not gone forever.”


Green Gables Knits by Joanna Johnson

“You’re never safe from being surprised until you’re dead.” – L.M. Montgomery

Charmed Knits, Projects for fans of Harry Potter by Alison Hansel and The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits by Interweave Knits

“Sit and knit a spell . . . “

Literary Knits: 30 Patterns Inspired by Favorite Books by Nikol Lohr

So have I been inspired to knit something for my daughter from the pages of  “The Series of Unfortunate Events”?? SHHHH….. her birthday is only a few months away!

What books inspire you to knit?

Knitting in the Spot Light


We had a good laugh over the Elvis image posted on the Shop Hop blog last week — and it got us thinking… who else was a famous knitter? So we headed over to google and had a look around. Can you name these famous knitters? We might not necessarily have a great deal in common with these knitting elite… but one thing is for sure! I can absolutely, 100% relate to the smile (smirk/looks of concern…) on their faces!

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Vacation Knitting…

Sara had the pleasure of stealing away with her family to Cocoa, FL this past week. Want to guess what was on top of her carry on? That’s right! Her knitting. Not just any knitting… Sara was working on the finishing touches for the Knit’n from the Heart Shop Hop specialty pattern! We can’t reveal it to you quite yet — but you’re going to want to get your hands on this one! One might think fiber arts falls to the bottom of the list of vacay activities, but Sara was pleasantly surprised to see she was not alone. By the poolside, in a small coffee shop, at the beach — Sara saw people stealing away a few stitches on their own knitting projects in the bright Florida sun, and it made her smile. Here’s a glimpse at Sara’s favorite knitting spot while away with her family. What’s your favorite vacation bring-a-long?

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