Sprout Sunday in the Shop

BC Ruffle Wraps

As I left town, I had to have my next project ready for my travel.  I fill long hours in hotels with knitting and the Food Channel.  So I popped into the shop to pick up new yarn and a pattern.  Sunday afternoon was vibrant.  Judy had a class of eleven knitting the BC Ruffle Wrap in Sprout.  I’m certain the churches of Woodbury will be alive and well with these wraps in two weeks.

My next project?   I picked up the Berroco Seduce and the C2 Knits Holly sweater pattern.  Both are new products in the shop. My plan is to have it finished for the Groom’s rehearsal dinner.  Now that I told you, it can’t become a UFO.


BC Ruffle Wrap Class

Our BC  Ruffle Wrap Class

I am so excited to report we had a great class at the shop yesterday!  All the students were so excited to get started on the adorable BC Ruffle Wraps which have been on display in the shop.  The students selected either cotton or alpaca for their projects.  As a result, there was a nice variety of colors and yarn being used.  Seeing what other people were using has inspired them to make more than one.  In fact, some found the knitting so much fun they plan on making more for other family members.

BC Ruffle Wrap Class

Most of the ladies had not tried short-rowing before, so I introduced this new technique. I always find it very rewarding to teach my students new techniques and expand their knitting skills.   This class was such a success, another class is scheduled on Sunday, May 15th from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.  So, come join the fun!!!!


Purple Again

Sprout Sweater

We introduced Classic Elite’s Sprout, a yarn in the Verde Collection, into the shop.  It’s a 100% organic cotton with a twisted construction that gives it a very different feel than typical cottons.  It knits up nubby and bumpy.  Sprout is flying off our shelves as one of the most popular yarns in the shop.  I decided that I had to try it and chose the Textured Cardigan in the CEY John’s Bay book.  This pattern has a double seed stitch that really shows off the yarn.  It gives it a spongy feel.

I’m working feverishly to complete it this week.  Only six inches on one sleeve to go.  I travel to Washington, D.C.  and then to Indy for Todd and Nicole’s wedding shower.  I’m taking the ring bearer’s pillow with me.

I was working on it last night and started laughing that it’s purple again.  No matter how hard I try I unconsciously pick purple.  I will send back pictures of the completed sweater when I finish.  My goal is to have it on for the shower.

Heirloom Knitting: The Ring Bearer’s Pillow

Ring Bearer's Pillow

Todd and Nicole are getting married in a large wedding on June 11 in Indianapolis.  They have been together for a while, and our family adores Nicole.  The family joke is that when Todd calls Grandpa in Minnesota,  after ten seconds Norm asks to speak with Nicole.  She is fun and vivacious – comes from a large family.

About a month ago, Nicole called me and asked if I would knit the ring bearer’s pillow.  The 2-year son of her twin sister, Kelly who lives in Okinawa, will be in the wedding.  Nicole is sentimental and has woven in many family connections into the ceremony.  The request set me out looking for a pattern.

I found two in the shop – in the 101 One Skein designer books.  But I didn’t think they were just right for what I wanted.  I went through books from the shop – and settled on Dishcloths From the Heart.  I’ve knitted all of these several times for gifts at one time or another.  While I wasn’t going to admit that they are really for dishcloths, I think it turned out elegant.

I settled on the #9 pattern, Knit and Purl Hearts in the Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo DK Yarn.  Unfortunately, Debbie Bliss stopped making the 100% silk yarn.  As suspected, the Snuggly has the drape that I was looking for.  I bought an 8-inch ready-made ring bearer’s pillow.  I could have sewn it, I’ve found that I’ve become lazy in getting out my mom’s Bernina these days.   I did, however, use my mom’s double pointed needles that I inherited in her huge treasure trove to knit this heirloom.

To put the picot edge on the pillow, I first crocheted a single crochet row with 1 SC, 1 Ch, 1SC in the corner and then a double crochet row with 1 DC, 1 Ch, 1 DC in the corner.  Each side has the following picot scallops:  1SC, 1HDC, 1DC, 1Tr with a picot (3 Ch with ss in the 1st Ch to create the picot, 1DC, 1HDC, 1SC six times.  I left each corner as it was.

Ring Bearer's Pillow

Then I had a great time decorating!  I strung 33 tiny Bugle Beads between each picot for a small drape – I got this idea from one of the pillow patterns I’d found.  I picked up four heart shaped Swarovski Crystal beads for the corners and Swarovski Crystals for each picot.  Then I tacked the knitted top to the pillow, making certain the picots drape over the sides.  I must say, it is elegant.

I tested out flowers and adapted one from Nicky Epstein’s Knitting Embellishments book that we have in the shop.  I have all of her books and use them as references for my knitting.  A silk ribbon bow for the rings, and it’s good to go as a gift for the April shower.

Julie’s displayed it in the shop before my trip to Indianapolis – come see it.  Any other ideas for wedding knitting or crocheting?