Gifted Knitters

You’ve all had it happen. You’re pushing your cart through Target, or Trader Joe’s or you’re reading a book at Panera, and you hear . . . “GASP!! Did you make that?!” You smile, you forget that you have it on, you check all of your appendages and then you finally respond, “Oh, this! Yes! Yes, I made this!” You snuggle deeply into your hand made knit and it just kind of makes your day. We knitters sometimes take for granted the simple pleasure these things bring. We love these little interludes — but there is no greater joy than sharing the story of someone that truly receives the time, talent and love of a hand knitted gift.

The gifted knit.

It comes in so many forms. A pair of socks or slippers to a friend or aunt that forever has chilled toes; a hat for a grandchild or nephew or neighbor that just won’t cover his ears in the brisk winter months — but you know his favorite color blue; a shawl that covers the shoulders of a sister spending her days in the corner rocker at a nursing home; the teddy bear that travels across continents and oceans to a child that lives out their days in the hot African sun.

The gift of knit.


A point of contact where our hands motion and love the repeated action where you think just of them.

Being a gifted knitter has little to do with the talents you hold in your knitting tool box — but has everything to do with your greatest of intentions. When we give a gift as knitters, we give the best of ourselves, and we can touch the lives of others whether we know them directly or not. We can pick and pull and tear out a thousand rows — and all they receive is love.

The leaves are falling, and we are moving into a season of great giving. Our windows are closed, our fireplaces are burning, and our slippers are never far from our feet. If you’re like me — the lists have begun, and project planning for my favorite fibers as they match with my favorite people has quickly followed!

Have you stopped by the shop since the weather has turned? Julie has been busy stocking the shelves with warm, fuzzy fibers that are perfect for your gifted knits. We have quite a few classes up our hand-knitted sleeves for those of you that are in search of inspiration! Stop by the shop or check it out online — we know you have just the person in mind!


Happy knitting!