Julie should be in the museums . . .

Sara had a great trip away with her husband in DC this last week, and the National Museum of Art was first on her list!¬† Sara couldn’t help but notice all of the needle crafts that graced the fine ladies in portraits from centuries ago, and how so many of her favorite lace and intricate patterns are a breath to the past!

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We have a great and artful selection of linen and flax yarns that are a nod to amazing colorways that call on summer colors from great painters like Monet!

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These beautiful yarns are just waiting for you — waiting for you to pick up your needles and knit an inspired version of this Knit and Tonic¬† pattern just like Julie’s! Because . . . don’t we all secretly want our own piece of walking art?

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Happy Knitting!

July’s Hot in the Shop!

You’re going to want to stop in the shop this week to check out all of the new yarn we have in stock! Julie’s been a busy lady — the shop looks fresh and there’s new fiber for everyone!

Gina Chunky? CHECK!

Mushishi? Check!

Encore Mega? CHECK!

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Plymouth has some great hat kits with fuzzy toppers, too! Watch for samples to come in the shop. So what are you waiting for?! Come on in and have a look around Knit’n from the Heart’s July newbies!

Happy Knitting!

Fall Planning . . .

We’re already making big plans for the fall here at Knit’n from the Heart . . . can you blame us?! Planning for fall and winter knits is a serious business when we know the cold is inevitably coming! Our upcoming knitting and crochet projects aren’t the only thing we are planning in the shop — we’re planning some exciting updates to our class offerings!

Out with the old . . . and in with the new this fall! It’s like spring cleaning — but colder. (;

So if you’ve been wanting to take one of the Knitting classes with Heidi, or a beginning sock class — now is the time!

We have Knitting 101 scheduled on Tuesday, July 15 & 22, 6:30-8:30pm. Sign up for 101 online HERE!

. . . and Knitting 102 scheduled on Tuesday, July 29, 6:30-7:30pm. Sign up for 102 online HERE!

Still have socks on your bucket list? No worries! Sign up for our Beginning Socks class running three weeks in August HERE!

Basic socks book

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your sticks and hit the shop for some great classes this summer!