The Central Park Cowl

We have heard such a great response from our Minnesota Yarn Shop Hop pattern “The Central Park Cowl” — and it makes our heart sing! We can’t wait to see all of your beautiful creations as happy hoppers run the race of completion! The Cowl is still available for FREE download on Ravelry through April 18, 2014 — Hurry and get your hands on a copy today! After the 18th, our fabulous cowl will be available for purchase on Ravelry and for purchase in our shop as well. The Central Park Cowl will be FREE with purchase of our Claudia Hand Paints specialty dyed yarn until further notice — we have more of the gorgeous teal on order — our KFTH variegated, grey and green are ready and waiting for you in the shop! So if you missed the Minnesota Yarn Shop Hop, there’s still a chance for you to be a Heartfelt Hopper!

This is where Sara knit her Central Park Cowl — where are you knitting yours??


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Minnesota Yarn Shop Hop – Day 1!

Alright . . .

We knew it was going to be a pretty good day — but seriously?! You are all so AMAZING! What a warm welcome to our first year in the Minnesota Yarn Shop Hop! We are just blown away, and we can’t wait for the rest of the weekend!

So — we are so excited to finally show you our AMAZING yarn designed by Claudia Hand Paints just for our shop! You are not going to want to miss getting your hands on this FREE pattern during the Shop Hop, and the specialty yarn made just for its design. This year’s pattern was created with artful design in mind — roadways, sidewalk blocks, and an archway connected with vines and leaves representing our very own Central Park! So get in here! The weekend is just beginning and we are waiting to see your beautiful faces walk through our door!

Shop Hop Yarn and leaf

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What is it about community?

What is it about community?

What is it that draws us into a group of people that makes us feel at home? A common thread that draws a myriad of people into the same space — into sharing the same passions — into sharing life with one another?

I was listening to a radio program yesterday discussing the top 5 television program finales and what made them so outstanding. A lively debate between two people rose audio clips of programs like I Love Lucy and the Mary Tyler Moore Show and it got me thinking . . . what is it?? What is it that makes us feel connected to these people on screen? What is it that we seek out in our own lives that leave us hungry for connection?

mary tyler moore final episode

Scene from the final episode of Mary Tyler Moore.

I can’t help but think of the community of people here at Knit’n from the Heart. A recent conversation with a regular made me smile and realize the importance of this place we invest ourselves in as staff — it goes so much deeper than the sale of yarn between the four walls we call our yarn shop. She said, “I told my husband last night that I feel like I’m going home to family when I come to the shop . . . it just feels like home.”

So bear with me if you have time . . . and check out the clip from the final episode of Mary Tyler Moore — work your way to 11:25 to hear what she has to say about the place she calls “work”.

Tears aside . . . this about sums up the importance of a place to connect with like minded individuals. Although, I have seen some people meandering through our shop come to tears over our fabulous fibers! (;

This place — this little shop where we sell yarn and fiber goods is so much more — it is about the people we connect with every day.  It is by no mistake that our motto is “Where Craft Creates Community” — ask any one of our Divas!

Wednesday morning Divas

Wednesday morning Divas

Looking for a place to connect with other fabulous fiber lovers! This is YOUR place!

Our Social Knitting Groups are saving a chair just for you — come and join us any Wednesday morning from 10 – noon, or Thursday evening from 6 – 8. The Mary Tyler Moore Show isn’t the only place people are feeling the love . . . come on over to Knit’n from the Heart and become a part of our community – there is room for you at our table!